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Jp and Laura: we love you and we adore ya

Your love is strong and runs deep in all of our veins

Your belief in one another sparks hope even in a pessimist’s disdain

All we need is love, and all we need is enough

We are better in your union

You have given the blessing of this wonderful reunion

Smiling and beautiful faces

Memories burned into our soul that we won’t soon forget the taste of

When I am with all of you gathered here tonight, I feel that I am closer to my heart

You loving and welcoming embrace helps me continue to be the man I wish to be

You are honest with yourselves and that is why your feverent flame will endure

I offer any skeptics but an ounce of the happiness within this room as a cure

When I look in both of your eyes I will always be reminded why the sun has a reason to rise

Without hesitation you put those you love before yourself

I’ve seen you both as badass gnomes: Will Ferrel has some serious competition as Elf

You are both brimming with a shining light

Be sure to seek it if you ever lose your way from one another amidst a cloud-filled-night

The stars will always shine for you

So long as you never seize belief in that which makes your love true